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Harper outlines Iraq mission Live

The Prime Minister's Office released the motion before Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke about Iraq, ISIL, and Canada's planned contribution: 

The text of the government motion has been released. Canada will contribute to sir strikes for six months but not ground troops will be deployed. The targets are ISIL and ISIL-allied terrorists.Andrew Thomsonat 11:52 AM

Harper spoke under the portion of Routine Proceedings known as "Statements by Ministers." Here is the relevant Standing Order:

33. (1)  On Statements by Ministers, as listed in Standing Order 30(3), a Minister of the Crown may make a short 

factual announcement or statement of government policy. A Member from each of the parties in opposition to the government may comment briefly thereon. The time for such proceedings shall be limited as the Speaker deems fit.

The House of Commons is expected to the debate the motion and vote Monday.Andrew Thomsonat 11:51 AM

Harper: "Today, we are bringing forward a motion asking this House to confirm its confidence
for a Government decision to join our allies and partners: The United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, The United Arab Emirates, And likely others, in launching air strikes against ISIL."Andrew Thomsonat 12:08 PM

Harper: "We will strike ISIL where – and only where – Canada has the clear support of the government of that country. At present, this is only true in Iraq. If it were to become the case in Syria, then we would participate in air strikes against ISIL in that country also."Andrew Thomsonat 12:11 PM

Harper: let me assure Canadians that the Government is seized with the necessity of avoiding a prolonged 'quagmire' in this part of the world.Andrew Thomsonat 12:12 PM

Harper: "If Canada wants to keep its voice in the world, and we should since so many of our challenges are global, being a free rider means you are not taken seriously."Andrew Thomsonat 12:16 PM

Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair was first to respond. 

Mulcair says Harper has not outlined a broad strategic outline for the mission and has not answered basic questions.Andrew Thomsonat 12:19 PM

Mulcair: Canadians have their doubts. Conservatives are telling us the mission will be expanded. The prime minister is leaving open the question of engaging in Syria.Andrew Thomsonat 12:21 PM

Next was Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, who accused Harper of not being "upfront" about the government's plans.

Trudeau: the Liberals will not support the government motion.Andrew Thomsonat 12:35 PM


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