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2018 Liberal Convention

CPAC's live online coverage of the 2018 Liberal convention in Halifax.

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    We're now waiting to hear which policy resolutions have been prioritized. 

    Those being considered for the top 15 priority list include:

    • decriminalization of low-level drug possession

    • pipeline development and "oil and gas independence"

    • decriminalization of sex work

    • implementation of a minimum guaranteed income

    • universal pharmacare

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is answering questions on his speech, North Korea, the NAFTA talks,and more.
    Here are Trudeau's prepared remarks:
    Bonjour à tous. Welcome to Nova Scotia!

    Hello Halifax!

    And thank you, Ralph, for that kind introduction.

    I also want to congratulate our newest President, Suzanne Cowan!

    Suzanne, you’ve been there for me and for our movement since the very beginning of this great adventure. Since before the beginning, in fact.

    Nobody has put more work into getting us where we are today.

    We wouldn’t be here without you.

    If you have had even a single five-minute conversation with Suzanne, you know where she’s from. Because she will have told you.

    I’ve never met a prouder Haligonian. It is fitting that you begin your Presidency of our Party in your great hometown.

    Welcome home.

    What a crowd.

    What an amazing convention. I’m told we’re around 3,000 strong, and that almost 1,600 of you have never attended a convention before.

    Welcome to the most open political movement in Canada.

    It is now yours.

    Yours to shape and build and grow.

    We need your enthusiasm and ideas, your positivity and your energy.

    Most of all, we need your hope and hard work.

    Hope and hard work are exactly what got us where we are today.

    Il y a cinq ans, ce mois-ci, vous m’avez accordé votre confiance en faisant de moi votre chef.

    Mon argument durant la course à la chefferie était simple : Les Canadiens ne faisaient plus confiance au Parti libéral parce que le Parti libéral ne faisait plus confiance aux Canadiens.

    Je n’ai jamais prétendu avoir toutes les réponses, mais j’ai toujours su qu’ensemble, les Canadiens les avaient.

    Et je vous ai promis que personne ne travaillerait plus fort avec vous pour les trouver.

    Cela dit, le défi est encore le même aujourd’hui :

    Bâtir un programme axé sur les Canadiens de la classe moyenne et les gens qui travaillent fort à tous les jours pour en faire partie.

    Et bâtir le mouvement politique qui fera de ces idées une réalité.

    Ensemble, c’est ce que nous avons fait.

    C’est ce que vous avez fait avec des centaines de milliers de vos concitoyens qui se sont portés volontaires pour faire des téléphones et du porte-à-porte.

    Et des millions de Canadiens nous ont accordé leur confiance pour concrétiser leurs idées et leurs rêves.

    Together, we did it by challenging conventional wisdom –

    By blowing the doors off the closed echo chamber that politics had become in this country, which makes it possible to have a convention room that looks like this one –

    That looks just like Canada.

    We did it by having the courage to present new ideas to Canadians about the economy, about how to create good, middle class jobs in the 21st Century.

    We did it by reaffirming our values, and standing up for them.

    When the Harper Conservatives spent millions upon millions of dollars on personal attacks and the politics of fear and division, we didn’t join them in the gutter.

    We beat them the old-fashioned way.

    We had better ideas for Canadians, and recruited a better team to turn those ideas into real change.

    We challenged pessimistic, divisive politics with a positive vision of the future that includes all Canadians, from all backgrounds, regions, and walks of life.

    Sunny ways, my friends. Sunny ways.  

    And let me tell you this: We can stack our record up against any government’s.

    There are those who say our movement is about image and not policy.

    Well, tell that to the three hundred thousand kids who were living in poverty three years ago, who aren’t now – whose families can enjoy simple things like better school supplies and healthier food.

    Tell it to the millions of working Canadians who now have a stronger Canada Pension Plan, which the Conservatives voted against and opposed every step of the way. 

    Tell it to the more than 700,000 plus seniors aged 65 and 66 who still get $8,100 every year from Old Age Security.

    Those grandparents who can now afford to take their children’s children to a movie or a local junior hockey game.

    Et encore, il y a des gens qui prétendent que nous sommes image sans substance.

    Allez dire ça aux 618 000 Canadiens qui ont décroché un nouvel emploi depuis l’automne 2015 – ou à tous ceux qui ont créé ces emplois, abaissant notre taux de chômage à son plus bas en 40 ans.

    Allez dire ça aux millions de Canadiens de la classe moyenne qui paient moins d’impôts qu’avant.

    Ou encore, essayez d’expliquer ça aux mieux nantis qui paient plus d’impôts qu’avant…

    Eux en tout cas, ils me le rappellent tout le temps!

    Tell it to the families whose loved ones would be suffering through needless and excruciating pain in terminal illness, who now have the choice to die with dignity in the care of a doctor.

    Tell it to more than 3,600 communities with projects from our infrastructure plan. Projects that wouldn’t exist otherwise because the Conservatives and NDP didn’t have the confidence to invest in Canada’s future.

    Tell it to the more than 50,000 Syrians who would still be fleeing persecution if the Conservatives had their way – but who are instead building communities and growing the economy all over Canada today.

    Tell it to victims of domestic violence whose assailants will no longer be able to own a gun, thanks to common sense gun control legislation.

    The Conservatives oppose that too.

    Tell it to all the Canadians – particularly young people – who want Canada to do its part to fight climate change and protect the environment.

    Because they now have a government that is pricing carbon pollution, investing in clean technologies, and protecting our coasts with a world-class Oceans Protection Plan.

    Chers amis, c’est facile de céder au cynisme lorsqu’il est question de politique.

    C’est trop facile de regarder les nouvelles et de lire les chroniqueurs et d’arriver à la conclusion que tous les politiciens sont les mêmes.

    C’est trop facile de se dire que les élections n’ont pas vraiment d’importance parce que les politiciens ne pensent qu’à eux-mêmes et qu’en bout de ligne, rien ne change.

    Lorsque vous entendez les gens faire valoir cet argument, je vous invite à penser à Tareq Hadhad, qui s’est adressé à vous hier.

    Tareq vivait en Syrie avec sa famille et démarrait son entreprise de chocolat lorsque la guerre a éclaté il y a 7 ans.

    Cette guerre qui a détruit sa communauté, qui a tué des membres de sa famille et ses amis.

    Cette guerre qui l’a poussée à porter un regard sombre sur un avenir incertain.

    Lorsque je pense à Tareq, je me souviens aussi d’Alan Kurdi.

    Vous vous rappellerez d’Alan.

    Vous vous rappellerez de son corps d’enfant qui s’était échoué sur une plage turque le 2 septembre 2015.

    À l’époque, nous étions au milieu d’une campagne électorale très serrée. Je garde des souvenirs clairs de ces images. On était de passage chez moi, à Montréal ce matin-là.

    Je m’en souviendrai toujours.

    See, I can’t think of Tareq Hadad without also thinking of Alan Kurdi.

    More than 50,000 people escaped a future that might have been like Alan’s, but wasn’t because of a choice Canadians made.

    A choice that illustrates everything that is so great about our country.

    And it wasn’t just about changing their government.

    The government of Canada didn’t turn more than 50,000 Syrians into Canadians.

    Their fellow Canadians did.

    Nearly two million Canadians have been involved in sponsoring refugees.  Not just from Syria, but from all over the world.

    Through church groups and neighbourhood associations, their kids’ schools and their own workplaces.

    Two million Canadians saw a great wrong in the world, and did what they could to right it.

    What makes me proudest of our fellow citizens is that they did it despite the flood of fact-less fear-mongering that aimed to dissuade them from doing it.

    We Canadians know who we are.

    We know from daily, personal experience that diversity is a great source of strength, not weakness.

    We see it in our homes, our community centres and our workplaces, in our mosques and churches, our gurdwaras and our synagogues.

    We are strong not in spite of our differences, but because of them.

    Lorsque les Canadiens voient quelqu’un qui a besoin d’aide, ils lui tendent la main.

    Lorsque nous voyons des gens exclus, nous travaillons encore plus fort pour les inclure.

    Lorsque nous reconnaissons l’injustice fondamentale que constitue l’écart salarial entre les sexes, nous agissons – et nous travaillons pour faire en sorte que tous les Canadiens aient une chance réelle et égale de réussir, hommes comme femmes.

    C’est ce que nous faisons parce que c’est la bonne chose à faire et parce que c’est la chose intelligente à faire.

    Nous savons que lorsque les femmes réussissent, c’est toute l’économie qui réussit aussi.

    À une époque où trop de pays oublient les grandes leçons tirées de notre histoire commune, les Canadiens restent fidèles à leurs valeurs.

    When we make honest efforts to create opportunities for everyone, we learn the forces that bind us together are much stronger than those that would pull us apart.

    Canada is a living, growing testament to that fact.

    Conservatives politicians want people to believe that “Canada is broken.”

    Well, I say that shows you how little they’ve learned from the election they lost in 2015.

    Canada is not perfect.

    We have many problems to solve, many challenges to overcome.

    And I’m not perfect. Sophie’s been telling me that for 15 years.

    And of course, neither is the government.

    We have miles to go before we sleep.

    Nous avons encore beaucoup de travail à faire avant de pouvoir regarder nos enfants dans les yeux et leur dire que nous avons fait tout ce que nous pouvions pour lutter contre les changements climatiques et ainsi bâtir une économie verte.

    Nous avons encore beaucoup de travail à faire avant de pouvoir leur dire que nous sommes arrivés à la véritable réconciliation avec les peuples autochtones.

    Encore beaucoup à faire avant de pouvoir affirmer que l’économie canadienne fonctionne pour tous les Canadiens.

    Parce que malgré un taux de chômage exceptionnellement bas, nombreux sont ceux qui se sentent encore laissés pour compte.

    Mais mettons quand même une chose au clair : Le Canada est le meilleur pays du monde.

    And I will repeat this to the Conservative Party.

    Canada is the best country in the world.

    There is not a single country on Earth that wouldn’t trade their problems for ours.

    I love this country down to my bones, and I will defend it and our values against anyone who says it’s broken.

    But of course, my friends, as we all know, better is always possible.

    I am looking forward to the 2019 campaign because I can’t wait to put our plan, our team, and our vision of Canada up against theirs.    

    In fact, I’m looking forward to it because I don’t think the Conservative Party learned anything from its last campaign.

    The current Leader of the Opposition introduced himself to Canadians a year ago as “Stephen Harper with a smile.”

    His words. Not ours.

    As if the biggest problem with the previous government was Mr. Harper’s facial expressions.

    I’ll tell you this: It wasn’t Stephen Harper’s frown that created the worst growth record since the great depression.

    It wasn’t his demeanour that cut Veterans’ pensions and closed their service centres.

    It wasn’t his mood that failed to either get a pipeline built or take climate change seriously.

    No, my friends, Stephen Harper’s personal disposition didn’t fail Canada.

    His policies did.

    And if there’s one thing – and there may only be one thing – we’ve learned about the Conservative Party under Mr. Scheer’s leadership, it’s this:

    It may be Andrew Scheer’s smile. But it’s still Stephen Harper’s Party.

    Et s’il y a une chose – et juste une chose – que nous avons appris au sujet du Parti conservateur sous la direction d’Andrew Scheer, c’est ceci :

    C’est peut-être le sourire d’Andrew Scheer, mais c’est toujours le parti de Stephen Harper.

    The same policies, the same politics of fear and division.

    If anything, they’ve been emboldened by successful campaigns elsewhere in the world to divide people against one another.

    Ils menacent de défaire notre plan pour lutter contre les changements climatiques et de revenir en arrière.

    Pire encore, les Conservateurs refusent catégoriquement de reconnaître qu’il s’agit d’un problème auquel il faut s’attaquer.

    Rappelons-nous également qu’Andrew Scheer promet d’aller encore plus loin que Stephen Harper en assouplissant davantage le contrôle des armes à feu.

    Ils se sont battus contre, et ont voté contre, chaque mesure que nous avons mis de l’avant pour augmenter les impôts du 1% des plus riches et baisser ceux de la classe moyenne.

    Well, my friends, let’s see if a lesson taught twice is a lesson not forgotten.

    In 2015, Canadians rejected the politics of fear and division.

    They wanted to teach the Conservative Party a lesson.

    But it didn’t want to learn and evidently still doesn’t.

    Positive politics means you fight for your ideas, you don’t demonize your opponents.

    As I said to you at our convention in Montreal in 2014, Canadians who voted Conservative are not our enemies.

    They’re our neighbours.

    We will fight for Canadians. All Canadians.

    We will fight for their future, and for their hopes and dreams.

    We will fight for their right to have a government that respects them.

    That listens to them. That sticks up for them. And that cares about them.

    That is why we do this. 

    Vous avez commencé ce mouvement il y a cinq ans.

    Regardez autour de vous – vous avez déjà marqué l’histoire. Mais nos plus grands défis restent toujours devant nous.

    Êtes-vous prêts?

    Get out there.

    Go knock doors.

    Make phone calls.

    Don’t take a single Canadian for granted.

    Parlez à vos amis. Parlez à vos voisins.

    Trust in Canadians, my friends.

    Tell them about the work we’re doing.

    Tell them about the movement we’re building.

    We have every right to be proud of our accomplishments – as a movement and as a country.

    But it didn’t happen by accident and it won’t continue without effort.

    You all know – we all know – that Canada is the best country in the world, but with hope and hard work, we can make it better.

    Because as we all know: Better is always possible.

    New party president Suzanne Cowan says every Liberal needs to add "fundraiser" to their description to keep pace with the Conservatives.

    LIVE: Finance Minister Bill Morneau is addressing the convention. 

    The 20 resolutions being considered for the top 15 priority list include:

    • decriminalization of low-level drug possession

    • pipeline development and "oil and gas independence"

    • decriminalization of sex work

    • implementation of a minimum guaranteed income

    • universal pharmacare

    The remainder of the day is mainly focused on panels and keynote speeches. This includes an address by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at approx. 2:15pm ET / 11:15am PT. 

    Trudeau will also speak to reporters at approx. 3:30pm ET / 12:30pm PT.

    Liberal delegates also rank their top policy resolutions to determine a priority list.

    .@CFNUPresident Linda Silas speaks to @CPAC_TV on the importance of universal single payer #pharmacare at…
    These resolutions face a simple yes or no vote from the delegates present in the room. Those that pass this morning's session are grouped onto a ranked ballot for delegates to vote on to establish top policy priorities.

    Read below for the 20 policy resolutions to be considered at this morning's plenary session.

    Starting at 7am ET / 4am PT, delegates spend two hours on the 20 policy resolutions that delegates supported the most in yesterday's online voting.

    Welcome to the final day of CPAC's live coverage from the Liberal convention in Halifax.

    Policy resolutions are not binding on the leader to include in the 2019 platform. Liberals voted against changing this rule at the 2012 convention in Ottawa.

    LIVE: @davidaxelrod , former senior adviser to U.S. President Obama joins @gmbutts , PM Justin Trudeau's principal secretary, for a conversation at the Liberal National Convention in Halifax, followed by a keynote address by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau #Lib2018…

    Coming up: David Axelrod speaks with Gerald Butts, the prime minister's principal secretary. 

    Watch now as Martin Stringer speaks with former prime minister Paul Martin about indigenous issues, including the recent debate over pipelines and resource development in western Canada. 

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