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CPAC Live: Speech from the Throne

Follow our live online coverage as Parliament returns from prorogation with a throne speech to open the new session.

Here are highlights from today's Speech from the Throne and CPAC's coverage, as presented during our live online platform Wednesday afternoon:

Speech From the Throne

The government promises to balance the budget by 2015 and introduce balanced-budget legislation.Andrew ThomsonOct 16, 2013 at 5:09 PM

Other fiscal highlights:
  • freezing the overall federal operating budget
  • further spending reductions
  • review of federal assets and pay/benefits in the public service
  • more performance accountability in the public service
The government will "continue to ensure that our natural resources sectors remain open to foreign investment when it is market-oriented and in the long-term interest of Canadians."

More health issues mentioned in the speech: more affordable adoption, renewed investment to research dementia and related conditions.

On railway safety, requirements for shippers and railways to carry additional insurance and "targeted action to increase the safety of the transportation of dangerous goods."

The government plans to commemorate several Canadian milestones and historic moments in the next few years:
  • 150th anniversary of Confderation - 2017
  • 150th anniversaries of the Quebec and Charlottetown conference that helped forge Confederation - 2014
  • 200th birthdays of Sir John A. MacDonald (2015) and Sir George-Étienne Cartier (2014)
  • 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One - 2014
  • 75th anniversary of the beginning of World War Two - 2014

On the Senate:

"The Government continues to believe the status quo in the Senate of Canada is unacceptable. The Senate must be reformed or, as with its provincial counterparts, vanish. The Government will proceed upon receiving the advice of the Supreme Court."

Read the Supreme Court submissions:

  • Peter Van Dusen is joined by two MPs to discuss employment and jobs: Jinny Sims (NDP) and Rodger Cuzner (Liberal). A Conservative MP was scheduled to join the panel but withdrew.
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  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke to the Conservative caucus this morning, in advance of the speech.
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  • Here are Harper's remarks, as released by the Prime Minister's Office:

    Bonjour et merci pour cet accueil.

    Chers collègues, cette nouvelle session parlementaire, est un moment important…pour réfléchir à ce que nous faisons ici, et pour regarder vers l’avenir.

    Only two and a half years ago, Canadians sent us to Ottawa with clear instructions:

    Navigate the uncertain global economy.
    Create jobs and growth.
    Keep taxes low.
    Protect our families and communities from crime.
    Make our country safe and strong.

    As a team, we’ve worked hard on these priorities.

    Nous avons dû prendre des décisions difficiles. Et nous avons fait les bons choix pour le Canada.

    We have faced tough decisions. And we have made the right choices for Canada. Now, the results of our work are clear.

    We are creating jobs and growth. We are expanding our trade into new markets. Under our steady hand, debt is low and deficits are falling. Businesses are creating opportunities. More Canadians are working now than ever before.

    Depuis le pire de la récession, plus d’un million de nouveaux emplois nets ont été créés – le meilleur bilan du G-7 !

    Since the depths of the recession, more than a million net new jobs have been created – the best record in the G-7!

    My friends, that is a record Canadians can be proud of,…a record that we can be proud of.

    Nous pouvons aussi être fiers des mesures décisives que nous avons prises pour assurer la sécurité de nos rues et communautés.

    We in this room believe that Canadian families have a right…to go about their daily lives without having to worry about being victimized by crime.

    And we know that for too long our justice system focused on the rights of criminals, while victims had no voice.

    C’est pourquoi, à la dernière session parlementaire, nous avons adopté la Loi sur la sécurité des rues et des communautés…et pas moins de treize autres mesures législatives, afin de protéger les Canadiens et leurs familles.

    That’s why, during the last session, we passed the Safe Streets and Communities Act…and no less than thirteen other pieces of government legislation,…legislation to protect Canadians and their families. Now that is a record to be very proud of!

    Here are a couple more things that you should be proud of:

    Ours is the government that finally restored marketing freedom to Canada’s grain farmers!

    Gone is the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry!

    And we are standing up for our men and women in uniform, by giving them the equipment they need
    and the respect they deserve!

    Et nous défendons le Canada. Ici et à l’étranger notre gouvernement fait ce qu’il faut, pas ce qui est facile!

    And we stand up for Canada. At home and abroad, ours is a government that does what is right, not what is easy!

    Friends, our Government also proudly tells our national story. From the sense of identity that 200 years ago first united Canada to repel an American invasion…to the great sacrifices made by Canadians in more recent decades in defence of freedom and human dignity,…we’re proud of our history, proud of our values, proud to serve the best country in the world!

    Cependant, chers amis, notre responsabilité principale est d’assurer notre avenir en tant que Canadiens et Canadiennes.

    But, friends, our most important task is no less than to secure our future as Canadians.

    We lead the G-7 in job creation. We lead the G-7 on the strength of our balance sheet. We lead the G-7 in political stability.

    But, for Canada to prosper through the challenges of this uncertain world, we must do more. We must keep our eye on the long term.

    We know – and Canadians know – that we face new competition from a host of rising economic powers.

    Pour notre génération, et celle de nos enfants, il ne suffira plus d’être le chef de file du G-7. Le Canada doit être prêt à affronter les meilleurs et à gagner.

    That’s why friends, despite our accomplishments, we will not rest here. We must go further and we must go faster.

    En tant que pays, une rare opportunité s’offre à nous. Notre richesse naturelle, nos finances solides,
    notre démocratie stable…notre réseau grandissant de relations commerciales partout dans le monde…la forte demande mondiale pour nos ressources, et le génie des Canadiens et Canadiennes…Ces grands atouts sont alignés.

    As a country, we have a rare opportunity before us. Our natural wealth, Our sound finances, Our stable democracy,…Our expanding network of trade relationships around the world,...The strong world demand for our resources, combined with the ingenuity of Canadians….These great assets are all aligned.

    C’est le moment du Canada, et notre travail, comme équipe, et comme gouvernement…est d’en profiter pour le bien de tous les Canadiens et Canadiennes !

    This is Canada’s moment, and our job as a team, as a Government,…is to seize it for the benefit of all Canadians!

    Now friends, when we say we have an opportunity to seize the moment…we’re not talking about some academic theory or ivory-tower vision.

    Nous avons l’opportunité d’assurer la prospérité, pour notre génération, et pour les Canadiens et Canadiennes qui nous suivront. Nous devons assurer que le Canada est un leader mondial…- pas pour notre image - mais pour les familles canadiennes,…les Canadiens et les Canadiennes
    qui travaillent fort, qui paient leurs impôts, et qui respectent les règles,…pour qu’ils puissent en bénéficier, et aller de l’avant !

    It’s about making sure that Canada is leading the world…not just for the sake of it, but so that Canadian families, Canadians who work hard, pay their taxes, and play by the rules…so that they can benefit, so that they can get ahead!

    Later today, you will hear from His Excellency the Governor General. In the Speech from the Throne, he will tell Canadians how our Government will build upon the foundations we have already laid.

    Obviously, I am not going to pre-empt what His Excellency will say. But I can tell you what we won’t say.

    There will be no $20 billion carbon tax.

    There will be no reckless economic experiments with people’s livelihoods.

    And legalizing drugs is not on our agenda.

    Instead, the vision outlined will focus on building our economy…to make a difference for Canadian families. We are on track to balance our budget. We are expanding our trade.

    Nous terminerons bientôt les négociations sur un Accord économique et commercial global avec l’Union européenne.

    We will soon complete negotiations on a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union.

    En développant nos ressources de façon responsable, en prenant toutes ces mesures et d’autres encore,…nous allons continuer à créer des emplois et des possibilités pour les Canadiens et Canadiennes.

    By responsibly developing our resources by taking all of these steps and many others…
    we will continue creating jobs and opportunities for Canadians. We will work hard to support and protect Canada’s families and communities. Always remember, it was our Government that reduced taxes across the board…for families, for small business, for seniors.

    Canadians know that we, and only we, will keep taxes down!

    We will also continue to work to protect Canadian consumers.

    We know Canadians have to make tough financial choices when spending their hard-earned dollars. They deserve choice, fair treatment, competitive prices…and so we’re taking action.

    And we will continue to build on our efforts to tackle crime.

    Nous changeons notre système de justice pour qu’il traite les droits des victimes en priorité…et pour qu’il tienne les criminels dangereux loin de nos rues.

    Et bien entendu, ce Parti, ce gouvernement, va toujours, toujours, traiter notre pays, le Canada, en priorité !

    And of course, this party, this Government, we always do and always will, put Canada first!

    With the celebrations leading to the Confederation’s 150th birthday in 2017…we are reminded that, from our earliest days, back when railways bound our new country together…we Conservatives have always been nation-builders.

    As we look forward, we draw inspiration from our founders who dared to create this proud country…
    Because we are here to build on their legacy.

    Nous sommes ici pour saisir le moment, et nous allons le faire.

    We’re here to seize the moment before us, And we will.

    Merci beaucoup.
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  • Throughout the afternoon we'll be sharing the procedure and history of the Speech from the Throne, recent speeches since the Conservatives formed government in 2006, and more...
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  • Watch now as Peter Van Dusen previews the speech with two journalists: Joel-Denis Bellavance (La Presse) and Tim Harper (Toronto Star).
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  • Tim Harper on European trade talks: as big an economic "get" as there is.
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  • Parliament was prorogued this fall. MPs were originally due to return to the House of Commons on Sept. 16.

    According to House of Commons Procedure and Practice:

    Prorogation is the formal ending of a session of Parliament, either by a special ceremony held in the Senate Chamber or by a Governor General’s proclamation to that effect. Prorogation also refers to the period of time a Parliament stands prorogued.

    Traditionally, the House was summoned to the Senate to hear the Governor General (or the Deputy of the Governor General) deliver a speech reviewing the accomplishments of the session, and to hear the Speaker of the Senate read a message containing the date for the opening of the new session. Prorogation has not taken place in this manner since 1983.
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  • Jay-Z and Kanye would want you to 'Watch the Throne' (Speech) on @CPAC_TV today.
  • Dont forget to tune into the Speech from the Throne today on CPAC:
    Speech from the Throne
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  • Kelkes paragraphes sur les Autochtones au discours du trône du PM Harper cet apres midi en direct au canal cpac ....
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  • MPs rose June 18 for the summer break after agreeing to a committee study on their expenses and financial oversight.

    Here's the motion on MP expenses:

    That, notwithstanding any Standing or Special Order or usual practice of the House:

        in order to bring full transparency and accountability to House of Commons spending, the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs be instructed to:

        (i) conduct open and public hearings with a view to replace the Board of Internal Economy with an independent oversight body;

        (ii) invite the Auditor General, the Clerk and the Chief Financial Officer of the House of Commons to participate fully in these hearings;

        (iii) study the practices of provincial and territorial legislatures, as well as other jurisdictions and Westminster-style Parliaments in order to compare and contrast their administrative

        (iv) propose modifications to the Parliament of Canada Act, the Financial Administration Act, the Auditor General Act and any other acts as deemed necessary;

        (v) propose any necessary modifications to the administrative policies and practices of the House of Commons;

        (vi) examine the subject-matter of the motions, standing in the name of the Member for Papineau, placed on the Order Paper on June 10, 2013;

        (vii) report its findings to the House no later than December 2, 2013, in order to have any proposed changes to expense disclosure and reporting in place for the beginning of the next fiscal year;

        when the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs meets pursuant to the order of reference set out in this Order, one Member who is not a member of a recognized party shall be allowed to participate in the hearings as a temporary, non-voting member of that Committee.

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  • Les députés ont mis fin à leurs travaux en juin après avoir accepté qu’une étude en comité soit consacrée à leurs dépenses et à la surveillance financière.

    Voici la motion relative aux dépenses des députés :

    Que, nonobstant tout article du Règlement, ordre spécial ou usage habituel de la Chambre,

                afin d'apporter la transparence et la reddition de compte complètes en ce qui concerne les dépenses de la Chambre des communes, le Comité permanent de la procédure et des affaires de la Chambre soit chargé:

                (i) de tenir des audiences ouvertes et publiques en vue de remplacer le Bureau de régie interne par un organisme de surveillance indépendant;

                (ii) d'inviter le vérificateur général, la greffière et le dirigeant principal des dépenses de la Chambre des communes à participer pleinement à ces audiences;

                (iii) d'étudier les pratiques des législatures provinciales et territoriales, et d'autres juridictions et des parlements de type Westminster afin de comparer et de contraster leur supervision administrative;

                (iv) de proposer des modifications à la Loi sur le Parlement du Canada, la Loi sur la gestion des finances publiques et la Loi sur le vérificateur général ainsi qu'à toute autre loi qu'il juge pertinente;

                (v) de proposer des modifications nécessaires aux politiques administratives et aux pratiques de la Chambre des communes;

                (vi) d'étudier l'objet des motions, inscrites au Feuilleton du 10 juin 2013, au nom du député de Papineau;

                (vii) de faire rapport à la Chambre au plus tard le 2 décembre 2013 afin de permettre la mise en place de tout changement à la divulgation des dépenses avant le début du prochain exercice financier;

                lorsque le Comité permanent de la procédure et des affaires de la Chambre se réunira conformément à l'ordre de renvoi prévu dans le présent ordre, un député qui n'est pas membre d'un parti reconnu soit autorisé à participer aux audiences à titre de membre temporaire et sans droit de vote du comité.

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  • What do economic experts think about consumer issues and other measures expected in today's speech? Watch now for a panel with Ian Lee (Carleton University), Pedro Antunes (Conference Board of Canada) ,and David Macdonald (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives).
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  • Prorogation ended the first session of the 41st Parliament. Here's the official notice:

    Canada Gazette notice of proclamation

    EXTRA Vol. 147, No. 1

    Canada Gazette



    SI/2013-97 September 16, 2013


    Proclamation Proroguing Parliament to October 16, 2013



    Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories QUEEN, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

    To our Beloved and Faithful
    Senators of Canada, and the Members elected to serve in the House of Commons of Canada, and to all to whom these Presents may in any way concern,



    Deputy Attorney General


    Whereas We have thought fit, by and with the advice of Our Prime Minister of Canada, to prorogue the present Parliament of Canada;

    And whereas the adjournment of the Senate and the House of Commons renders impossible the announcement to both Houses;

    Now know you that, We do for that
    end publish this Our Royal Proclamation and do hereby prorogue the said Parliament to Wednesday the sixteenth day of October, 2013.

    IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, We have caused this Our Proclamation to be published and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed. WITNESS: Our Right Trusty and Well-beloved David Johnston, Chancellor and Principal Companion of Our Order of Canada, Chancellor and
    Commander of Our Order of Military Merit, Chancellor and Commander of Our Order of Merit of the Police Forces, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada.

    AT OUR GOVERNMENT HOUSE, in Our City of Ottawa, this thirteenth day of September in the year of Our Lord two thousand and thirteen and in the sixty-second year of Our Reign.

    By Command,


    Deputy Registrar General of Canada

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    ÉDITION SPÉCIALE Vol. 147, no 1
    Gazette du Canada
    Partie Ⅱ


    Enregistrement TR/2013-97

    Le 16 septembre 2013

    Proclamation prorogeant le Parlement au 16 octobre 2013


    ELIZABETH DEUX, par la Grâce de Dieu, REINE du Royaume-Uni, du Canada et de ses autres royaumes et territoires, Chef du Commonwealth, Défenseur de la Foi.

    À Nos bien-aimés et fidèles Sénateurs du Canada et aux Membres élus pour servir à la Chambre des communes du Canada, et à tous ceux que les présentes peuvent de quelque manière concerner,

    Salut :

    Le sous-procureur général


    Attendu que, sur et avec l’avis de Notre premier ministre du Canada, Nous avons jugé à propos de proroger le présent Parlement du Canada;

    Attendu que l’ajournement du Sénat et de la Chambre des communes rend impossible d’annoncer cette prorogation aux deux chambres,

    Sachez que, à cette fin, Nous publions Notre présente proclamation royale et prorogeons par les présentes ladite législature du Canada à mercredi, le seizième jour d’octobre 2013.

    EN FOI DE QUOI, Nous avons fait publier Notre présente Proclamation et y avons fait apposer le grand sceau du Canada. TÉMOIN : Notre très fidèle et bien-aimé David Johnston, chancelier et compagnon principal de Notre Ordre du Canada, chancelier et commandeur de Notre Ordre du mérite militaire, chancelier et commandeur de Notre Ordre du mérite des corps policiers, gouverneur général et commandant en chef du Canada.

    À NOTRE HÔTEL DU GOUVERNEMENT, en Notre ville d’Ottawa, ce treizième jour de septembre de l’an de grâce deux mille treize, soixante-deuxième de Notre règne.

    Par ordre,

    Le sous-registraire général du Canada
    JOHN KNUBLEYAndrew Thomsonat 3:59 PM yesterday

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  • Here's how Parliament Hill looked in January 1909 as Parliament opened, following Liberal victory in the 1908 election:

    William James Topley/Library and Archives Canada/PA-008972
    by Andrew Thomson on Oct 15, 2013 at 5:05 PM

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  • Another developing story on Parliament Hill: emergency crews evacuated the Langevin Block and surrounding buildings after reports of a suspicious package and suspicious person.

    Langevin Block houses the bulk of the Prime Minister's Office and the Privy Council, a major "nerve centre" for the Canadian government.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not inside the building at the time, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

    Wellington Street, which separates the building from Parliament Hill, was cordoned off by police as fire crews and explosives experts arrived.

    Continue watching CPAC for more details....

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  • We're now joined by NDP trade critic Don Davies and Liberal trade critic Marc Garneau to discuss reports of an imminent agreement on Canada-Europe free trade. (As with our previous MP panel, a Conservative MP was invited to participate)
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  • Speech from the throne supposed to happen around 1700hrs Eastern. Check here… to keep on top of it.
  • Here's how the scene looked on March 18, 1918 -- the first session of Parliament following the Unionist victory the previous year. Parliament was sitting at the Victoria Memorial Museum Building -- current home of the Canadian Museum of Nature -- following the 1916 fire that virtually destroyed the Parliament Buildings.

    Victoria Memorial Museum - Library and Archives Canada/PA-139684
    by Andrew Thomson on Oct 15, 2013 at 5:06 PM

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  • Notre couverture en direct se poursuit et sera animée par Pierre Donais durant les 30 prochaines minutes.
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  • Our live coverage continues with Pierre Donais for the next 30 minutes.
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  • Regardez pour une entrevue avec le chef du Bloc Québécois, Daniel Paillé.
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  • As Harper was delivering his remarks to the Conservative caucus, his Twitter feed also broadcast excerpts in both English and French. The following are some examples:
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  • #cdnpoli Two hours til #SFT13 ! Watch it live on CPAC (channel 24 in #Ottawa ) #ottcity #HereforCanada #ospoli
  • If you missed Martin Stringer's preview of today's speech, watch now for a replay.
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  • As always we're looking for your reaction to today's speech. What are hoping to hear? Send us your reaction here as the afternoon unfolds!
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  • Watch now for Throne Speech analysis from @IvisonJ and @glorgal #cdnpoli

  • 1920: Andrew Welch/Library and Archives Canada/PA-030603
    by Andrew Thomson

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  • If you missed Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair speaking to reporters over the noon hour in Ottawa, watch now for a replay.
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  • Green Leader Elizabeth May is on-air live with CPAC's Martin Stringer.
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  • Votre député est en ce moment sur le Canal CPAC, où il participe à l'émission "Revue Politique". En compagnie de Marc Garneau (PLC), il revient sur les principaux enjeux de la rentrée parlementaire, à quelques heures du Discours du Trône. T.T
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  • En train de me préparer à lire le #DDT13 . Voici un lien pour ceux qui veulent mieux comprendre ce que c’est.
  • Getting ready to deliver #SFT13 . Here is a resource for those wondering what it’s all about:

  • Governor General Georges Vanier in 1960: Canada/Department of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada
    by Andrew Thomson

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  • Watch now for @SusanDelacourt on her new book "Shopping for Votes" and how it relates to today's Throne Speech. #cdnpoli
  • Switching channels MT @CPAC_TV : Watch @SusanDelacourt on her new book "Shopping for Votes, how it relates to today's #SFT13 . #cdnpoli
  • @KAL301 @ElizabethMay @CPAC_TV I love 'Liz. Definitely a critical thinker. But she's like an Eagle surrounded by pigeons on Parliament hill.
  • Ten years ago today, Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay had an announcement to make:… #cdnpoli
  • The Governor General normally reads the Speech from the Throne on behalf of the monarch.

    King George VI
    gave royal assent to nine bills and delivered a short address during his landmark 1939 royal tour. Queen Elizabeth II has read two throne speeches: 1957 and 1977.
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  • Here are some excerpts, courtesy of the Senate Debates:

    MAY 19, 1939 - King George VI gives royal assent to nine bills introduced by Mackenzie King's Liberal government before reciting a short speech.

    Honourable Members of the Senate:

    Members of the House of Commons:

    I thank you sincerely for your addresses received on my arrival at Quebec. The Queen and I deeply appreciate your loyal and affectionate messages.

    I am very happy that my visit to Canada affords me the opportunity of meeting, in Parliament assembled, the members of both Houses. No ceremony could more completely symbolize the free and equal association of the nations of our Commonwealth. As my father said, on the occasion of his Silver Jubilee, the unity of the British Empire is no longer expressed by the supremacy of the time-honoured Parliament that sits at Westminster. It finds expression to-day in the free association of nations enjoying common principles of government, a common attachment to ideals of peace and freedom, and bound together by a common allegiance to the Crown.

    The Queen and I have been deeply touched by the warmth of the welcome accorded us since our arrival in Canada. We are greatly looking forward to visiting each of the provinces, and, before our return, to paying a brief visit to the United States.

    It is my earnest hope that my present visit may give my Canadian people a deeper conception of their unity as a nation. I hope also that my visit to the United States will help to maintain the very friendly relations existing between that great country and the nations of the Commonwealth.

    These visits, like the one recently made by the Queen, and myself to the continent of Europe, will, we trust, be viewed as an expression of the spirit of our peoples which seeks ardently for closer friendship and better relations not only with our kith and kin but with the peoples of all nations and races.

    Honourable members of the Senate:

    Members of the House of Commons:

    May the blessing of Divine Providence rest upon your labours and upon my realm of Canada.

    The House of Commons withdrew.

    His Majesty was pleased to retire.

    The sitting of the Senate was resumed.

    The Senate adjourned until Tuesday, May 23, at 8 p.m.

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