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LIVE: CPAC at the NDP Policy Convention

Join the CPAC team from Montreal as federal New Democrats hold their biennial convention in advance of the 2015 election.

  • Tuned in to watch the #NDP13 convention on @CPAC_TV. Sounds like there are concerns #NDP has become a top/down party. #cdnpoli #canpoli
  • Pierre Donais poursuit la couverture en direct du congrès du #NPD13 avec les invités @martincroteau et @M_Vastel
  • And here's Alexa McDonough on her 1995 leadership victory.
    Audrey McLaughlin resigned following the NDP’s 1993 election performance: nine seats and the loss of official status in the House of Commons.

    Running this time were veteran MPs Lorne Nystrom and Svend Robinson, former Nova Scotia NDP leader Alexa McDonough, and writer Herschel Hardin.

    There was a new wrinkle. Candidates had to run first in a series of primaries across Canada. To qualify for the convention, they had to win at least one of these contests or receive 25 per cent of the overall vote.

    Hardin was the only candidate to fail. Nystrom led the way with 44.7 per cent, followed by Robinson at 32.1 per cent and McDonough at 18.5 per cent.

    Robinson wins the BC/North, Ontario and Quebec primaries. Nystrom takes the Prairies, while McDonough dominates the Atlantic provinces.

    Nystrom and Robinson are considered the front-runners as more than 1,700 delegates meet at the Ottawa Congress Centre. But McDonough jumps ahead of Nystrom and finishes second on the first ballot – 89 votes behind Robinson – on Oct. 14.

    Robinson decides to concede to the 51-year-old McDonough rather than contest a final head-to-head ballot with most of Nystrom’s support going to his opponent.

    Many of Robinson’s supporters are initially furious, but the move is also considered an act of unity by an MP often viewed as a maverick.

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  • "@M_Vastel: employé du NPD à Ottawa s'oppose à proportionnelle+scrutin direct; dit que pas unanime au pays donc trop tôt" Super sur @CPAC_TV
  • Rebecca Blaikie to remain as NDP president after being the only candidate. 
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  • Two candidates are running for treasurer: incumbent Tania Jarzebiak and John Orrett. 
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  • Some very great points being made. While having socialist roots, the economy is still very close to NDP policy, especially for one that is now the Government-in-waiting.
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  • Progressive Social Democratic Policies must have economic foundations. Thomas Mulcair's approach is exactly what the Party needs being the Government-in-waiting!
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  • There has been too much rhetoric around the NDPs Quebec base. The Liberals had a large Quebec base for a long time, but there was little talk about being tied to Separatists. Liberals didn't fail in QB due to Separatists, they failed because of corruption and mismanagement.
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  • results of confidence vote on @ThomasMulcair's leadership coming up soon #NDP13 #cdnpoli
  • Confidence vote: 92.3% vote against a leadership race to replace Thomas Mulcair. #NDP13 #cdnpoli
  • Results of confidence vote for @ThomasMulcair: 92.3% support #NDP13 #cdnpoli
  • I have been watching the NDP convention...something seemed odd but I could not put an idea as to why....then I realized it, the NDP has adopted a puritanical image, no sound, no music, nothing but boring chatter, some very good, but many just barely literate...the only interview that I enjoyed was Mark Garneau and Nathan Cullen...
    The CPAC interview with Mulcair, had nothing, no spark, nothing...I am not so sure that he was pleased with the question about them being 3rd in the polls...and, that the Liberals have numbers to even beat Harper...
    I don't believe the numbers, but he sure must be frightened that they are right...
    The other thing I saw, is they have abandoned the original beliefs of the NDP to get power...I always thought they were "socialist" but I guess power even corrupts socialism.
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  • Thomas Mulcair giving his keynote address to #NDP13. #cdnpoli
  • If you're watching Thomas Mulcair and have thoughts, let us know via Twitter or #cdnpoli #NDP13
  • Mulcair: both Liberals and Conservatives have attacked collective bargaining rights. Liberals did nothing on housing and transit in 13 years of government.
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  • Mulcair: "It’s time to rise above the cynicism that Mr. Harper relies on, and it’s time to get our country working again. To make Canada a beacon of economic, environmental and social justice."
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  • Congrats Tom!!! Big things ahead! very inspiring!
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  • I am a 27yr old Canadian, and Thomas Mulcair speaks for me! The NDP is a government Canada needs!
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  • Mulcair - Nous sommes aujourd’hui confrontés à des défis d’ordre planétaire, des défis qui exigent des réponses claires, des solutions pratiques.
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  • Mulcair speaks to convention. 2015 election campaign begins. #NDP13

  • Mulcair: Harper government has "given $50-billion in across-the-board corporate tax cuts to oil companies and big banks, telling Canadians it’ll create jobs, only to watch the Royal Bank use Conservative loopholes in the Temporary Foreign Worker program to give away Canadian jobs."
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  • The convention is back to policy debate. Here's the next resolution:
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  • 6-01-13
    Resolution on a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women
    Submitted by Churchill, the Aboriginal Peoples Commission

    WHEREAS over six hundred Aboriginal women have gone missing or been murdered in Canada;

    WHEREAS the Government of Canada has cancelled funding to Sisters in Spirit research into missing and murdered Aboriginal women; and

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party of Canada urge the Government of Canada to immediately launch, in consultation with Aboriginal women and their representatives, a national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party of Canada reaffirm its commitment to ending violence against First Nations, Inuit and Métis women by committing to action, including addressing root causes and systemic inequalities.
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  • Just a reminder that you can watch live and read the #NDP13 resolutions being debated here: #cdnpoli
  • 6-02-13
    Resolution on Healthcare for Refugees
    Submitted by Newton-North Delta

    WHEREAS Conservative cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program excluded many refugees and asylum claimants from temporary health benefits;

    WHEREAS the Conservative cuts are demonstrably impacting on refugees with legitimate health concerns, including vulnerable groups like children, pregnant women, cancer patients and the elderly;

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party of Canada condemns the Conservative cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program and the impact that it has had on the health of those seeking refugee protection in Canada.

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party of Canada will work to restore temporary health benefits to all refugees making asylum claims in Canada.


    Résolution sur les soins de santé pour les réfugiés
    Présentée par Newton—Delta-Nord

    ATTENDU QUE les réductions des conservateurs au Programme fédéral de santé intérimaire ont empêché bon nombre de réfugiés et de demandeurs d’asile d’obtenir des soins de santé temporaires;

    ATTENDU QUE ces mêmes réductions entraînent de lourdes conséquences pour les réfugiés ayant des problèmes de santé légitimes, notamment les groupes vulnérables comme les enfants, les femmes enceintes ainsi que les personnes âgées ou atteintes du cancer;

    IL EST RÉSOLU QUE le Nouveau Parti démocratique du Canada condamne les réductions des conservateurs au Programme fédéral de santé intérimaire et déplore leur incidence sur la santé des demandeurs d’asile au Canada;

    IL EST ÉGALEMENT RÉSOLU QUE le Nouveau Parti démocratique du Canada s’efforce de rétablir les prestations de maladie en faveur de tous les réfugiés et demandeurs d’asile du Canada.
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  • 6-31-13 
    Résolution sur le respect du droit à la vie, à la liberté, à la sécurité et à l’équité des travailleurs du sexe
    Présentée par Vancouver-Est

    ATTENDU QUE les valeurs canadiennes comprennent le respect des droits des personnes et des travailleurs, notamment le droit à la vie, à la sécurité, à l’équité ainsi qu’à la liberté d’expression et d’association, définis par la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés;

    ATTENDU QUE des tribunaux du Canada, le Sous-comité parlementaire de l’examen des lois sur le racolage et la Commission d’enquête sur les femmes portées disparues ont conclu que la criminalisation des travailleurs du sexe augmente le degré de violence dont ils sont victimes en plus de diminuer leur possibilité de recours à la police ou à d’autres formes de protection juridique et sociale;

    PAR CONSÉQUENT, IL EST RÉSOLU QUE le NPD appuie l’abrogation des articles et paragraphes 210, 211, 212(1), 212(3) et 213 du Code criminel du Canada afin d’améliorer la santé, la sécurité, l’équité et la citoyenneté sociale des travailleurs du sexe;

    IL EST ÉGALEMENT RÉSOLU QUE le NPD s’oppose à la promulgation de lois interdisant l’achat ou lavente de services sexuels, ou encore la possibilité de collaboration avec les travailleurs du sexe;

    IL EST ÉGALEMENT RÉSOLU QUE, pendant que les lois sur la prostitution demeurent en vigueur, le NPD demande aux services de police de cesser l’exécution des articles et paragraphes 211, 212(1), 212(3) et 213 ainsi que d’offrir aux travailleurs du sexe la même protection et
    le même recours au système juridique qu’à toute autre victime de crime.
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  • 6-31-13 
    Resolution on Upholding Sex Workers’ Rights to Life, Liberty, Security, and Equality
    Submitted by Vancouver East

    WHEREAS Canadian values include respect for human and labour rights of all persons, including the right to life, liberty, security, equality and freedom of expression and association as set out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

    WHEREAS Canadian courts, the Parliamentary Subcommittee on Solicitation Laws and the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry concluded that criminalization of sex workers increases the violence perpetrated again st them and decreases their access to police and other legal and social protections.

    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT we, the NDP, support the repeal of sections 210, 211, 212(1), 212(3), and 213 of the Criminal Code of Canada in order to improve the health, safety, equality and social citizenship of sex workers.

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT we, the NDP, do not support the enactment of legislation that prohibits the purchase or sale of sexual services or sex workers’ ability to work with others.

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT while the prostitution laws remain in force, we, the NDP, call on all Canadian police departments to immediately halt enforcement of ss. 211, 212(1), 212(3), and 213 and, instead, ensure sex workers have equal access to police protection and the justice system when they are the victims of crime.

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  • 6-03-13
    Resolution on the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women
    Submitted by London—Fanshawe, London West

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the following clause be added section 6.1 in the policy book:

    6.1.k. Re-establishing the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women to advise the Government of Canada on, and promote women’s equality rights.
    Résolution sur le Conseil consultatif canadien sur la condition de la femme
    Presentée par London--Fanshawe, London-Ouest

    IL EST RÉSOLU QUE la clause suivante soit ajoutée au paragraphe 6.1 des Politiques:

    6.1.k) Remettre en place le Conseil consultatif canadien sur la condition de la femme afin qu’il fasse la promotion des droits des femmes à l’égalité et qu’il conseille le gouvernement du Canada à cet égard.
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  • Great Work Socialist Caucus.Your presence inspires me to remain in the NDP." Keep on keeping on". Socialism will win, even if they manage to manipulate,and remove the word. I wish more delegates would listen to what Socialist Caucus members and supporters are saying.
    by Elizabeth Byce edited by Andrew Thomson 4/13/2013 8:07:48 PM
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  • Next on the agenda:

    Resolution on Official Languages
    Submitted by Acadie-Bathurst

    WHEREAS French and English are Canada’s two official languages;

    WHEREAS the Government of Canada is required to foster the progression towards the equal status of French and English in Canada;

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party reaffirms its commitment to: a) protect and promote both official languages and the linguistic rights of Canadians; b) the development and enhancement of official language minority communities;

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party calls on the Harper government to keep open the Quebec Maritime Rescue Centre, the only bilingual centre of its kind in Canada, to ensure the safety of francophones at sea; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party supports Bill C-208 from the MP for Acadie-Bathurst Yvon Godin and Bill C-419 from the MP for Louis-Saint-Laurent Alexandrine Latendresse regarding language skills for Supreme Court judges and Officers of Parliament, respectively.


    Résolution sur les langues officielles
    Présentée par Acadie--Bathurst

    ATTENDU QUE le français et l’anglais sont les deux langues officielles du Canada;

    ATTENDU QUE le gouvernement du Canada a l’obligation de favoriser la progression vers l’égalité de statut du français et de l’anglais au Canada;

    IL EST RÉSOLU que le Nouveau Parti démocratique réaffirme son engagement envers: a) la protection et la promotion des deux langues officielles et des droits linguistiques des Canadiens et Canadiennes; b)le développement et l’épanouissement des communautés de langues officielles en situation minoritaire;

    IL EST EN OUTRE RÉSOLU que le Nouveau Parti démocratique exhorte le gouvernement Harper à maintenir ouvert le Centre de sauvetage maritime de Québec, le seul centre bilingue du genre au Canada, afin d’assurer la sécurité des francophones en mer;

    IL EST EN OUTRE RÉSOLU que le Nouveau Parti démocratique appuie le projet de loi C-208 du député d’Acadie-Bathurst, Yvon Godin, et le projet de loi C-419 de la députée de Louis-Saint-Laurent, Alexandrine Latendresse, qui portent respectivement sur les compétences linguistiques des juges de la Cour suprême du Canada et des agents du Parlement. 
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  • @CPAC_TV My thoughts: I'm entirely sick of idea that defeating Harper is #1 priority for NDP and LPC. Where policies end, Harper begins.
  • 6-05-13
    Resolution on Northern Food Security
    Submitted by the Aboriginal Peoples Commission

    WHEREAS northern communities are facing increasingly higher food prices

    WHEREAS Canada is the only developed country to have received a visit from the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party is calling for immediate action to ensure the recommendations of the Special Rapporteur are implemented as quickly as possible, including the adoption of a Canada-wide food strategy

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party will continue consultations with northern communities to ensure this strategy responds to their specific needs so that northern communities finally have access to quality and nutritious foods at a reasonable price.


    Résolution sur la sécurité alimentaire en milieu nordique
    Présentée par la Commission autochtone

    ATTENDU QUE le prix des aliments augmente constamment dans les communautés nordiques;

    ATTENDU QUE le Canada est le seul pays développé visité par le Rapporteur spécial des Nations Unies pour le droit à l’alimentation;

    IL EST RÉSOLU QUE le Nouveau Parti démocratique exige l’application immédiate des recommandations du Rapporteur spécial, notamment l’adoption d’une stratégie à l’égard de l’alimentation à l’échelle du pays;

    IL EST ÉGALEMENT RÉSOLU QUE le Nouveau Parti démocratique poursuive la consultation des communautés nordiques afin de s’assurer que ladite stratégie répond à leurs besoins et leur garantit des aliments nutritifs de qualité à un prix raisonnable.

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  • 6-06-13
    Resolution on Pay to Pay
    Submitted by Davenport

    WHEREAS many telephone, internet, television and banking companies have introduced a new fee for customers who continue to receive a printed statement of their monthly bill; and

    WHEREAS these charges effectively force consumers to pay an additional fee just so they can pay their bills; and

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party of Canada calls on the federal government to prohibit federally regulated businesses and industries, appropriate to their jurisdiction, from charging consumers for receiving monthly bills or statements in the mail. 


    Résolution sur les frais pour payer
    Présentée par Davenport

    ATTENDU QUE de nombreux fournisseurs de services téléphoniques, Internet, télévisuels et bancaires exigent désormais des
    frais pour l’envoi d’une facture mensuelle papier;

    ATTENDU QUE ces frais représentent un supplément que les consommateurs doivent payer pour régler leurs factures;

    IL EST RÉSOLU QUE le Nouveau Parti démocratique du Canada demande au gouvernement fédérald’interdire, dans la mesure de ses compétences, l’imposition de frais supplémentaires pour l’envoi de factures mensuelles par la poste aux entreprises et industries sous règlementation fédérale. 

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  • While we wait for the next speech, here's more on the 2003 leadership race:

    Alexa McDonough had announced her plan to vacate the leadership in June 2002. Six New Democrats enter the race, including three sitting MPs: Bill Blaikie, Joe Comartin, and Lorne Nystrom.

    Long-time Toronto city councillor
    Jack Layton also decides to run. He’s soon the front-runner and fundraising leader, despite meagre support from NDP caucus members.

    Blaikie is considered the second-place candidate heading into the convention, followed by Nystrom and Comartin.

    The NDP introduces new voting rules: 75 per cent of the total is reserved for a “one member, one vote” system, while the remaining 25 per cent is assigned to major unions such as the Canadian Auto Workers, Canadian Labour Congress, and United Steelworkers of America.

    The unions are split in their support.
    Auto workers tend towards the Ontario candidates -- Comartin and Layton -- while steelworkers back Blaikie and Layton. About two-thirds of voters cast their ballots in advance using a preferential system that ranked the candidates.

    Layton takes 54 per cent of the first ballot, winning the leadership.
    Blaikie finishes second, at 25 per cent. It’s the biggest margin of victory since Tommy Douglas at the NDP’s founding convention.

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  • And here's Blaikie on the aftermath of the 2033 leadership vote.

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  • Jeremy Bird, one of Barack Obama's top 2012 field organizers for staff and volunteers, speaking now. #cdnpoli #NDP13
  • Some delegates sought to remove Bird from the speakers' list b/c of his links to the Democratic party. #cdnpoli #NDP13
  • Bird strongly critical of Harper government policies, comparing them to American conservatives, Dick Cheney, and George W. Bush.
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  • Here's a documentary on Tommy Douglas as part of "The Premiers" series: #cdnpoli #NDP13
  • Barry Weisleder of the NDP Socialist Caucus just spoke to CPAC about reports he was asked to leave the convention by Nathan Rotman, the party's executive director. Stay tuned on-air for the full interview:

    Weisleder said he was one of about 100 delegates on the floor booing and expressing displeasure about the appearance by Jeremy Bird, a key Barack Obama organizer for re-election, given his links to the Democratic party and the U.S. government's drone policies.

    According to Weisleder, Rotman pointed at him and said his delegate badge was being lifted. Weisleder asked why as they left the floor together, and alleges he was told he had shown disrespect to a guest speaker. 

    Weisleder says he told Rotman he didn't have the authority to revoke credentials, telling CPAC's Martin Stringer "booing and applauding are common responses" at political conventions. 

    "I wasn't threatening anyone's ability to hear (Bird)," Weisleder said, adding he received no warning. 

    Weisleder linked the exchange to tomorrow's highly-anticipated debate on the NDP's constitutional preamble -- and the fact that a candidate for party treasurer backed by the Socialist Caucus received 28-per-cent support earlier today. 

    As for tomorrow, Weisleder told CPAC he'll make every effort to attend the convention. If he's not permitted in the room or to speak at a microphone, there will be a challenge. 
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  • We spoke to Barry Weisleder of the Socialist Caucus about reports he was ejected from #NDP13: #cdnpoli
  • UPDATE: Party officials have reversed their decision to revoke Weisleder's #NDP13 credentials. #cdnpoli
  • I guess they realized the hypocrisy. In one move they became everything they claim the conservatives are. @CPAC_TV #NDP13 #cdnpoli
  • Ceci met un terme à la couverture en direct en ligne du deuxième jour du Congrès du NPD. Joignez-vous à nous demain matin à compter de 8 h 30 HE / 5 h 30 HP environ pour la journée finale. Les délégués débattront la résolution controversée visant à modifier le préambule sur la constitution. 

    Nous vous remercions de votre écoute!
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